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Let's Talk about Success

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Discuss or debate the questions below. Remember to support your answers!

  • Do you consider yourself successful? If yes, how would your life be different if you were unsuccessful?
  • Do you consider yourself successful? If no, how would your life be different if you were successful?
  • Are successful people luckier than the average person? Why/not?
  • Is there some sort of key to success? In other words, is there a quality or characteristic that guarantees success? Why/not?
  • Would you sacrifice happiness for the opportunity to be successful? How about wildly successful beyond your dreams? Why/not?

  • How do you define success? Please explain.
  • What would you do with $1,000,000? Please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Why do so many people measure success with symbols of wealth, power, and fame?
  • Assuming you could possess only one, would you prefer health, happiness, or money? Why?
  • Who would you deem more successful, a happy person or a rich person? Why?
  • What advice would you give someone who wants to be successful?
  • In which aspects of your life do you hope for greater success? Is it possible to achieve your goals within 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Why/not?
  • Who is the most successful person you know? What makes him/her successful?

  • There are many books which purportedly offer the key to success. Do you believe these guides really work? Why/not?
  • If someone were married, had three healthy children, a comfortable house, and a secure job, would you consider that person to be successful? Why/not?
  • Would you consider a ninety-year-old person who is physically and mentally very healthy a success? Why/not?

  • Do you agree or disagree? Money best measures success. Why/not?
  • What characteristics does someone require for financial success? Why do you think so?
  • Who are the three most successful people in history? Why do you consider them not just successful, but the most successful?
  • If you were granted the opportunity to ask one of these people a question, what would you ask? Why?

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