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Equal Opportunity

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Equal opportunity refers to the chance for everyone to receive the same education, the same employment, the same health care regardless of age, sex, religion, or other similar factors. Education, employment, or health care, just to name a few points, is determined by ability, experience, or an individual's past. These help predict future outcomes. A student with an excellent academic record, for example, will likely continue to do well as a student and in his/her professional career.

The term regularly appears in the working world, where companies are "Equal Opportunity Employers." In other words, a person's ability and experience determine his/her suitability for a job. In fact, in many countries, there are laws against discriminating against race, sex, national origin, and so on.

Preview the lesson material:

Warm Up: Discuss the question with your partner for five minutes.

  1. What is discrimination? Define the word and brainstorm some examples.

Comprehension Questions: Answer the questions before/after your read the article.

  1. Equal opportunity primarily to employment and the working world.  T / F
  2. There are laws that prevent discrimination in many countries.  T / F

Summarization: Summarize the article with a partner. Try to do so with only two or three sentences.

Discuss: Discuss these questions with a partner. Remember to support your answers.

  1. How would you feel if you weren't hired because of your skin color or religious beliefs?
  2. What would you do if you weren't hired because of your skin color or religious beliefs?
  3. Does equal opportunity exist in your country? Please explain.

Download the lesson:

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