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The End of Newspapers

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Journalists and experts in the news industry wonder if print journalism will survive. More people go to the Internet for news because of accessibility. Readers can browse through additional articles across several newspapers, read blogs, listen to audio, and watch videos. In addition, the content is often free. However, the end of newspapers may mean more than the end of a medium. It could mean the end of journalism as we know it.

For the most part, journalists and the newspaper industry are honest. The same cannot be said about blogs and faux news-like websites, even if they have become a popular source of information. The articles might often express biased opinions, or report information that hasn't been fact checked. There is a need for balanced reporting or journalistic integrity.

Preview the lesson material:

Warm Up: Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the statements for two or three minutes.

  1. I prefer to read the news on the Internet.
  2. Blogs are better sources of information than traditional newspapers.

Vocabulary: Check the new vocabulary in a dictionary. Then match the words.

  1. accessibility
  2. medium
  3. biased
  4. integrity
  • form
  • honesty
  • convenience
  • unbalanced

Discuss: Discuss these questions with a partner. Remember to support your answers.

  1. What's your opinion on newspapers and journalists? Please explain.
  2. What's your opinion on blogs and bloggers? Please explain.
  3. What would happen if newspapers completely disappeared? Why do you think so?

Download the lesson:


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